The Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad & Tobago

Upcoming Events


Sunday 14, 9:30 am: Credit Union Month Opening Ceremony
Host: South East Regional Chapter; Venue: To be determined

Thursday 18, 6:45 pm: Annual Awards Ceremony & Dinner
Achievor Banquet Hall, San Fernando

Thursday 25, 9:00 am: Credit Union Month Closing Ceremony and Education Conference - Tobago - Oct 25-28
Host: TRD; Venue: To be determined



Professional Services

− Educational Programmes

− Advocacy

− Developmental and Technical Support

The Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago is the national organisation of Credit Unions, mandated to provide a full range of services to its members, while embracing the principles of co-operatism and sound business practice. One of our primary objectives is the provision of training, education and consultancy support services to Credit Unions. The Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (CCULTT) is pleased to bring to your attention new and cost-effective services, which will both improve the performance of your organisation and ensure better service to the membership of your Credit Union. CCULTT is strategically positioned to provide ALL consultancy, training and developmental services to Credit Unions, including MIS technical support.

The League is:

There are many benefits to be derived from Training and Consultancy with the League. Included are:

Our Professional Services for Credit Unions