The Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad & Tobago

Calendar of Events 2022


These include:

  1. The League’s Annual Regional Leadership Conference in various countries each year.
  2. The Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU) Convention and Annual General Meeting

Shared Services Platform

This has been established:

  1. To provide support to the credit union’s Board of Directors by employing a suitably qualified and competent Compliance Officer
  2. To oversee the Compliance Portfolio to ensure accurate, timely and confidential reporting of any suspicious activity and transactions in accordance with the appropriate legislation
  3. To aid in the identification of key risk areas
  4. To ensure that due diligence is being exercised by the Compliance Officer at all times
  5. Assist in the review of the Compliance Programme where changes in legislation and operating procedures require such changes

To provide a safe and confidential area for storage of all information received under this service 

Leadership Conference


  1. To provide opportunities for the local leadership of the Credit Union movement to explore through presentations, discussions and other practical applications, issues relevant and critical to the success of credit unions in Trinidad & Tobago
  2. To enhance the process stated above through sharing experiences with each other as well as with leaders in the Caribbean and the international movement.
  3. To provide opportunities to build strategic alliances and other forms of partnerships with other Caribbean and International Credit Unions.
  4. To establish a basis for more cohesive and collaborative efforts among local Credit Unions and the League.
  5. To provide a platform for strategic alliances and partnerships